A Few of my Favourite Things

North Vancouver got hit with a huge dump of snow, and I live at the top of a hill so I was forced to stay indoors all day and have been (unsuccessfully) trying to stave off cabin fever by alternating between tweaking my site and binge watching Nashville on Netflix for the 2nd ( or 3rd?) time. Then the power went out for over 2 hours, so the second it came back on I lunged for my laptop, and decided to compose a list of some of my favourite things, some of which have helped me get through this very long and tedious day.

1. Raindrops on roses...just kidding. It's tea

If you've ever been over to my place, you likely know that I have an extensive tea collection. I used to be obsessed with just plain old earl grey and orange pekoe, but ever since I decided to educate myself more about nutrition, I have learned so much about the benefits of various teas...I will definitely do a blog post on this topic later! But back to tea in general, I just find it so soothing and comforting, and I love that I can pretty much have it any time of day. Growing up, I remember looking forward to spending time with my mom each night while drinking tea. We still do this every now and then!

2. Books

Ever since I can remember, I have loved books. There's something so magical about escaping into another world, and getting lost in the stories of different characters. When I started nursing school in my early 20s, I barely had time to read the 20 lb. textbooks I had to purchase, let alone read for pleasure. It has only been within the past 6 months or so that I've really gotten back into reading for pleasure, and I'm so happy to be doing that again. Hands down, my favourite books have to be the Harry Potter ones! I've read them more times than I can remember.

3. Douglas Fir Trees

This one is kind of random, I know. I don't know what it is, but throughout the past year I've had such an increased appreciation for the beauty of Vancouver - more specifically, North Vancouver, where I've lived for my entire life. I love that there are so many trees here, and there's something so majestic and strong about Douglas Fir trees. There's nothing quite like being in the midst of so many of them on a still, snowy day like today (even though I was standing on the balcony in my pyjamas...it still counts, right?)

4. Exercise

Oh, endorphins...I've struggled with several car accident related injuries since late 2015, which has definitely provided me with my share of pain and limitations when it comes to exercise. Whenever I am able to get to the gym, however, the endorphins from a solid weight lifting and/or cardio session just can't be beat. I love feeling strong, and getting my heart pumping while sweating out toxins has grown to be one of my favourite activities. I made sure to claim my free Canada Parks Pass this year so that I can hopefully take in some of our country's beautiful sights while getting in some exercise!

5. The Sims

If any of my friends are currently reading this, they're probably laughing. Maybe you don't even know me and you're laughing. Maybe you don't even know what The Sims is, in which case I'm so sorry for the empty hole in your life. As you will come to see throughout my posts, I'm a huge nerd, and my love for The Sims only solidifies that. I spent so many happy hours as a child (and teen...and adult) playing this virtual reality game. I love every aspect of it, from the ability to create characters and houses to the ability to advance their careers by making them look through a telescope for 8 hours straight. I'm almost glad I don't have a desktop computer anymore, as my current laptop isn't compatible with my beloved copy of The Sims 2...I can only imagine how unproductive I would be.

That's all for now! Thanks, as always, for reading. xo