The Benefits of Using a Copper Water Bottle

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that I recently started using a copper water bottle.  Over the last year, I've slowly been replacing all my everyday products (i.e. skincare, makeup, lunch containers, soap, deodorant) with non-toxic alternatives.  For the past few years, I had been using BPA free water bottles, but they were still made of plastic, which I wasn't thrilled about.

When I came across Copper H2O on Instagram, I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous design of their water bottle - it's intricate and unique, and not made of plastic or glass, like most water bottles.  The use of copper is well known in Ayurveda (a system of medicine with roots in India), but I personally didn't really know anything about the health benefits of using a copper water bottle, so I decided to investigate this product further.  It turns out that there are so many wonderful benefits - from amazing antibacterial properties to aiding in the reduction of environmental waste, this beautiful bottle boasts a very impressive list of benefits, which I will outline in more detail for you below!

1. Amazing anti-bacterial benefits

There have been multiple studies done which demonstrate the anti-bacterial effects that copper has - click here and here if you'd like to read some of them.  This is not only beneficial for our bodies, but it means that copper water bottles don't have to be washed as often as regular water bottles (this bodes very well for me - I'm so bad at washing my water bottles regularly!)

2. Transforms your regular water into alkaline water

This was one of the coolest benefits to me - no joke, I actually noticed that my water tasted better once I started drinking out of a copper water bottle!  Alkaline water (i.e. has a higher pH level than regular drinking water - basically means it is less acidic) has several health benefits (may help with reflux disease, may positively impact blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid levels) but I've never been in a position where I had access to it.  When I learned that this copper water bottle actually transforms the water to be natural alkaline water, I was amazed - usually, you'd have to purchase water that's been processed in an ionizer to make it alkaline, or live near a spring.  While chatting with Jessica, the lovely founder of Copper H2O, she was kind enough to explain the alkalizing process to me.  I learned that it takes about 4 hours for this process to occur, so I usually fill up my bottle at night, so it's ready to drink in the morning.  Super easy, and definitely worth it!

3. Great for the environment

Although I don't go through water bottles super quickly, I definitely have to replace my plastic ones about once a year.  Copper is a much more durable material, so it's likely that you won't have to replace your water bottle for a very long time - this means less environmental waste :)  I have really been making a conscious effort to try and reduce my level of waste (i.e. food waste, garbage, etc.), so I am definitely on board with this benefit!

4. Anti-oxidant properties

I'm all about anti-oxidants!  These help protect your body against oxidative stress (caused by free radicals, which are caused by things such as consuming too much sugar, over or under exercising, air pollutants, excessive stress, chronic infections), which can lead to illness and disease.  Drinking from a copper water bottle has been shown to help prevent diseases such as cancer, which is so amazing.

5. Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties

Another huge plus! While perusing the Copper H20 website, I learned that copper has been used in water storage for centuries in countries that don't have great sanitation systems (i.e. India), in order to prevent transmission of water-borne diseases. In addition, copper's anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for individuals who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, as it helps strengthen bones and the immune system.

6. Helps with iron absorption

This is huge for me! I recently stopped taking an iron supplement (basically, I ran out of it and wanted to try and get my iron from food sources only), so I'm happy to get all the help I can in this department.  Using a copper water bottle helps your body absorb iron better, which is great - anything that helps my body absorb nutrients is something I'll be keeping around for a very long time!


So, there you have it!  I love everything about this new water bottle of mine, from the beautiful deign to the leak-proof lid :)  The benefits I listed above are just a few of many that you can take advantage of by choosing to drink from a copper water bottle - click any of the links below to read even more!

Thanks for reading! xo